Ona Juciūtė
Mountain Views (III)



From the series Mountain Views

Silk and Walnut veneer

20×7.5×13 cm

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We ship internationally.

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In the series of works, Mountai Views, patterns of different origins – carved wood veneer and woven fabrics with squares and stripes – merges into a unified whole. The author of the work
asks whether there is a difference between natural and artificial structures, what is common between the threads woven into the boxes, the picture created by the tree trunk carved about the
parameter, or the image of the mountains. Due to the variety of patterns, the series, which holds a possibility of an infinite edition, alludes to the uniqueness of the landscape and the relationship
of our body and gaze to it.

Ona Juciūtė’s artworks from the series Mountain Views were shown in the exhibition Under One’s Breath at Editorial. The artist also presented exhibition Every Dog is a Lion in 2020.