Viltė Bražiūnaitė & Tomas Sinkevičius


UV film on glass, print,
50 x 70 cm
Edition 2/5

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Within the artwork Sparkle the artist duo Viltė Bražiūnaitė and Tomas Sinkevičius expresses their interest in how we as human beings experience nature. In this piece through protective solar film, which is used to preserve rooms and vehicle interiors from heat, the viewer can see a (British Shorthair) cat. The cat lies on its back and warms itself in a sunny area of a room. This spot at home for the pet replaces the outside nature. The artists employ protective materials such as UV film, which was also used in their previous projects Skinny Dip (2018) and Watery Eyes (20019).

The British Shorthair is perhaps one of the most popular indoor cat breeds in Europe. It’s historical roots reach back to the 19th century and until today it has formed an understanding of how an indoor cat should act and appear. Creating the composition with solar protective films and by choosing an indoor cat that enjoys the sunlight’s warmth, artists Viltė and Tomas show how we organize living nature and our own bodies.

Sparkle was shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. Tomas Sinkevičius & Viltė Bražiūnaitė presented solo exhibition Cold Blooded in 2018.