Anastasia Sosunova
Non-binary (black)



From the series Textbook
37,5×26 cm

Edition: 1/7

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In 2017, Anastasia Sosunova presented her video work Demikhov Dog, in which she uses the avatar of a two-headed dog. Even though the character sounds like a fictitious creature, this kind of dog actually existed. It was the result of the first head transplant experiment, performed in 1954 by the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov in 1954. While preparing to present this video work, Sosunova created the absolutely neutral drawing, associatively not reminiscent of history, Non-binary. But with both works, the artist explores the problem of dual identity. She also urges us to ask whether one of them is more real than the other, or more superior. How is it possible to live with such a dual identity?

Anastasia Sosunova’s artworks from the series Textbook were shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. The artist also presented exhibition Second Skin with Andrea Zucchini in 2018.