Anastasia Sosunova
Monument for a world builder



Relief-print of a woodcut (X1) Sakura printing oil based ink on Munken paper 170 mg
64×45 cm

Edition: 5 + 5AP

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Anastasia Sosunova is a visual artist based in Vilnius. Sosunova’s multidisciplinary practice, combining video, installation, graphics and sculpture, grows from personal histories and their entanglements within broader cultural, economical and spiritual structures. Her work focuses in particular on the bonds around which communities are forged, from local vernacular art to social neighbourhoods to religious organisations. She observes how these closed groups are developed, often in reaction to other values or beings, and how they subsist through shared sentiments and the development of rituals, traditions and collective agreements.

Through a process of distortion and the interweaving of elements belonging to old mythologies, hybrid entities and the surveillance society, Sosunova creates alternative forms of ‘contemporary folklore’. Spanning lifestyle concepts to pillars of belief, these new folklores are at once a play with notions of home and belonging, a questioning of existence and coexistence, and a critical view on structures of power and the psychology of collectivity. Her work serves as a proposition for new ways of living by rules, ethics, codes and agreements between beings

Anastasia Sosunova’s artworks from the series Textbook were shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. The artist also presented exhibition Second Skin with Andrea Zucchini in 2018.