Anastasia Sosunova



From the series Textbook
36,5×26 cm

Edition: 1/7

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While she was talking about the words of Milorad Pavić ‘We carry our eyes in our mouth and do not see until we speak’ with the American artist Ellie Hunter during a skype call, Sosunova was doodling, and the image became the basis for the etching Doodle. The artist explains this piece as a sort of rebus, which hides another phrase, ‘An eye is a pearl in the shell of the mollusc’s “mouth”.’ In the etching, hands folded in nuts reflect an act of ‘carrying’, and arrows, movement in the space of language, particles, sand and substances, which slowly become pearls after they enter the shell.

Anastasia Sosunova’s artworks from the series Textbook were shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. The artist also presented exhibition Second Skin with Andrea Zucchini in 2018.