Robertas Narkus


Digital photo print, frame
19×19 cm
Edition 3/3 + 2 AP

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In his creative practice, the artist Robertas Narkus (b. 1983) connects everyday elements with absurdity. In this way, he explores the themes and interactions of the economy, desire and political independence. Narkus often characterises his own creativity as the management of circumstances in the economy of coincidence. By using modern technology and strategies, and collaborating closely with specialists in other disciplines, he varies the techniques, strategies and forms of his pieces. His creative expression includes photography, video, installations and performances.

Robertas Narkus has held personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. He also participates in group exhibitions. He founded the Autarkia day centre for artists, and the Institute of Pathophysics in Vilnius, and has curated the experimental engineering camp ‘eeKūlgrinda’. The piece Race is a photographic memory from that camp. It captures a moment somewhere between document and the imagination.

Race was shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. Robertas Narkus presented solo exhibition Sphynx in 2019.