Anastasia Sosunova
Lost Textbook Page



Mixed media
74×56 cm

Edition: 1/1


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Various visual elements from different works from the series Textbook are combined in the mixed media work Lost textbook page. It shows that the series itself can be understood as a combination of sketches from various projects by Anastasia Sosunova. These sketches show the themes the artist is interested in. They are: chimeras, schemes from Aleksei Gastev’s research, Jacques Callot’s carvings, the influence of the aesthetics of encyclopedic illustrations, and doodles. Graphic elements with different features refer to the historic purpose of etching and other forms of printing: to be reproduced, to establish and legitimise information, to illustrate, to explain, to fix and to schematise. All these purposes explain the title of the series Textbook, which means textbook information.

Anastasia Sosunova’s artworks from the series Textbook were shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. The artist also presented exhibition Second Skin with Andrea Zucchini in 2018.