Anastasia Sosunova



From the series Textbook
37,5×26,5 cm

Edition: 1/7

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In this etching, the artist Anastasia Sosunova illustrates a childhood memory. She remembers how her teacher once asked pupils to draw around their hand, and write inside it letters and numbers that they knew. In the picture, Sosunova wrote the letters N, R and S in Latin script, and И, Я and Ƨ in Cyrillic. At that moment, the future artist understood that both writing systems were the mirror image of each another.

The etching is the starting point for the series Textbook. In this work, the artist focuses on aspects of graphic art: reproduction and production by mirror matrix reflections.

Anastasia Sosunova’s artworks from the series Textbook were shown in the exhibition Inner Pockets at Editorial. The artist also presented exhibition Second Skin with Andrea Zucchini in 2018.