On 28 July at 5pm, Editorial invites you to a lecture, a listening session, and a guided tour around Laura Kaminskaitė and Ona Juciūtė’s exhibition How I Walked into the Room through the Door, presented by the enthusiast, word processor, and (co)dependent curator Post Brothers.

Drawing on the implied narratives and events in the exhibition, Post Brothers will investigate the works on display by linking certain themes with PLAY IT SAFE, a vinyl record produced by a security company that users would play to deter potential robbers. The 1972 record features a couple bantering back and forth in their home, doing the dishes, and going about their business. The almost improvised narrative was never meant to be listened to – it was rather intended to be played at a low volume so that burglars would think someone was home. To guarantee continuous play, the package even came with a set of rubber bands and twist-ties so that users could rig their record players to loop. Post Brothers’ presentation will address this use of narrative as a protective stand in an open, malleable, and empty format for events to occur or not. In doing so, he will explore the transformation, transmutation, and redeployment of mundane realities in Kaminskaitė and Juciūtė’s work, and how their exhibition brings into view notions of the public/private, the familiar/unfamiliar, and issues of security, intimacy, trust, and design. The presentation will also become a unique opportunity to listen to the record in full, addressing this proxy background narrative as a poetic work in its own right.

“The people talking on the PLAY IT SAFE record are like you. They talk about the things you talk about every day…day or night.”

Post Brothers is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Post (b. 1984, Los Angeles), an enthusiast, word processor, and curator working from a small village near Białystok, Poland. From 2016 through 2019, Post Brothers was the curator at Kunstverein München in Munich, Germany. He has curated exhibitions and presented projects in Poland, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Latvia, The Netherlands, and China. His essays and articles have been published in numerous art and culture magazines, as well as in a litany of artist publications and exhibition catalogues.

Editing of the text: Alexandra Bondarev
Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius municipality

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