“Editorial” is delighted to present the first solo show “The Old Man Goes Home” of a Riga-based artists Kaspars Groševs opening on June 3rd, 6 pm. In this exhibition, the artist displays a series of new paintings, in which we encounter a mysterious character, moving around abstract landscapes or engaging in his daily tasks in solitude. The reddish, orange, and purple tones of the paintings create a sense of anxiety, yet at the same time, the manner of painting itself brings halves of irony. Kaspars Groševs’ work is not limited to one medium, migrating freely through the fields of painting, installation, drawing, sculpture and sound art and music. Groševs makes music mostly under the alias Figūras, and he was a co-founder and since 2017 has been CEO of the cassette label “No Sex Just Talk”. The artist was also a co-founder and since 2014 has been a curator of the 427 gallery in Riga, one of the most experimental contemporary art spaces in the city.

“The old man brings nothing and everything with him; he carries the weight of himself and his thoughts, which only ghosts have heard expressed loudly. Is someone waiting for him? The old man doesn’t know. He just wants to get home and then see. As he walks, hardly anyone notices him, only a few squirrels and an old elk. The man doesn’t know he is part of a tale. The old man just walks past fields, forests, swamps and hills. Every now and then he sees unusual sights, but he just walks past them. He is saturated with memories and reminders, he sees into the tunnel that’s taking him home. The old man carries all his responsibilities with him, and his shoulders stoop lower and lower. Sometimes he thinks he is carrying the weight of the world, a world he cannot remember any more. He knows he’s quite remote from it, he doesn’t notice the slight desynchronisations or the things that are out of proportion. The old man moves through the strokes of flora. He soaks up the fresh air, although he longs for the smokey, peaty air of his home; he feels the taste of the air in his mouth. He nods: mhmm ..” – writes the artist in his text for the exhibition.

Kaspars Groševs (b. 1983) is a visual and sound artist and curator based in Riga. He has exhibited at Kunsthalle Bratislava in Bratislava, darkZone in New Jersey, No Moon in Brooklyn, NY, Futura in Prague, BOZAR in Brussels, Shanaynay in Paris, and SIC in Helsinki, as well as the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Exhibition Hall of the National Library of Latvia, and the Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga. He was a finalist for the Purvītis Prize in 2021. His works are in the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Zuzeum Art Collection, the VV Foundation in Latvia, and various private collections.

The show will run until July 2nd. “Editorial” is open Wednesdays – Fridays 3-7 pm and Saturdays 12-4 pm.

“Editorial’s” program is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius municipality.


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