I Want to Stuff My Heart with Moss

No one eats oranges
Under the full moon,
One must eat green fruit and ice…

When the moon rises
They are still islands
Within the Ocean of shame and insecurities.
But the awkwardness makes them laugh,
Feel free to play and buzz.
They eat a lot because they are lonely,
Don’t dare to grab and press their face against yours
Until each falls asleep—
8 Shadows—companions of our dreams.

Grasping any fixed sense of truth we can touch, repairing our memories to generate detailed visual recollections of events that never took place. We tend to even start to believe and remember things we never experienced. Take a glimpse into the screen, where small town life is bejewelled with larger-than-life personalities, their relationships open and seemingly intimate. The hazy narrative shaping juxtapositions both passionate and ambiguous. Becoming its own form of expression. A charming voice reciting Lorca.

Why was I born among mirrors? The day walks in circles around me, and the night copies me in all its stars, I walk to live without seeing myself. And I will dream that ants and thistle burrs are my leaves and my birds.

Take a seat in our seasonal restaurant. Get comfortable.

Already tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, all the branches will be bare.

Marija Olšauskaitė is a Vilnius-based artist who employs various modes of collaborations and explores themes of relationships, openness, intimacy and belonging.

Texts by F. G. Lorca, Raimundas Malašauskas, Antanas Lučiūnas, Maria Tsoy
Exhibition design: Monika Janulevičiūtė
Textual editing: Alexandra Bondarev
Lights: Martynas Kazimierėnas
Opening night hostess: Aleksandra Krivulina

The artist would like to thank: Maria Tsoy, Antanas Lučiūnas, Jurgis Paškevičius, Ona Kvintaitė, Rita Olšauskienė, Antanas Dombrovskij, Vsevolod Kovalevskij, Jurga Daubaraitė ir Jonas Žukauskas, Jurgita Kierė

The show will be open until 17 December.

Editorial is open Wednesdays–Fridays 3–7pm, and Saturdays 12–4pm.

The exhibition and Editorial’s program is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius Municipality.


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