When she first saw Donald Trump face on her facebook feed, she thought it was a hoax. Some fictional character from the Late night or Morning show or whatever daytime show they watch there for entertainment. The fact that this face was trending among the memes did not really help to distinguish the hoax from what we call reality. And it was.

Welcome to the end of meaning.

She looked for excuses in the velocity in which she digests information, faster than the not-so-healthy sandwich that she munches at her desk or moves around with her eyes glued to the smaller screens, smaller letters, fragmented texts. The information which is a mesh-up of algorithm-generated articles, circulation of memes – those open-ended products of a collective mind – news about a 2000 year old butter chunk found someplace in Ireland, another list of must-see Art Basel booths next to dry academic articles. And that frog-like face appearing again and again in a form of horrifying language or as an endless loop of another gif. ‘The privileged position of human as a meaning generator (and perceiver) has long been shaken.’ – she thinks to herself. Or has someone/something else thought it for her ?

In Wikipedia she trusts and image is the ultimate text. The subconscious of the Web is where the current meaning lies.

Welcome to the end of meaning. As we know it.

Artists: Paul Barsch,Kah Bee Chow, Clemence de La Tour du Pin, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Pakui Hardware.

Curated by: Neringa Černiauskaitė

Photos: Ugnius Gelguda

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