For its debut exposition at “Material Fair”, “Editorial” presented selected works by Anna Reutinger (DE/USA), Anastasia Sosunova (LT) and Vika Prokopovaciute (AT).

“The Sun Sisters Guild” could be a name for a fictional artisan association of today if it represented the craftsmanship of Anna Reutinger, Anastasia Sosunova and Vika Prokopovaciute. A unique attention to detail, craft and materials of the three artists, remarkably resemble the tradition of a Medieval artistry. Only this would be an artistry of the 21st century: entangled with technology, immersed in industrial and recycled materials, (in)formed by the digital origin of things and reflecting on pressing global issues. Using the heavily mediated lenses of the present, the artists not only master their own artistic techniques, but also scout for diverse motifs, mythological, folk and religious characters and objects coming from the Middle Ages in order to incorporate them into their own practice.

Material Vol. 9

Expo Reforma
Morelos 67
Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc
Mexico City, 06600

February 9 – 12, 2023

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