On 8 September, at 6pm, Agnė Jokšė’s solo exhibition ‘What did they ask?’ ‘About a vocabulary for other tomorrows’ will open at the art and exhibition space Editorial (Latako St. 3, Vilnius). Organised as part of the Vilnius Gallery Weekend, the exhibition presents Jokšė’s new video installation.

‘What did they ask?’

‘About a vocabulary for other tomorrows’

Just four years ago I was planning to write a lot, every day, maybe one day I’d even become a writer. And then both reading and writing became grim and difficult, like a chore. The last time I opened a novel was in 2020. I ran my finger across the paper, pointing it to the page and then to my forehead, seeing the letters as if for the first time in my life.

So I sort of had to start dreaming about something else, ‘cause who would want to stay there?

And you know, even in this moment I came to a point where the road ends. I’m walking around the neighbourhood. I’ve reached a private gate that marks a change in the direction of my journey: no trespassing. Although the two dogs do look friendly, looking straight at me, blinking. So I think: turning around and going somewhere else is not so unusual after all. Even quite mundane. Happens several times a day to some people, they say.

Just to be clear, this text is dictated. But to think about futures is to imagine, if not in words, then in images. There will be moving images.

Everything’s ok, I was looking for sugar, spice and everything nice, and something to prepare for already now. Should we still be excited and think about queered futures that will come? Yes. It’s uncomfortable to be in the present, so all that’s left is to think about them, both distant and near.

I am here and now. And you are here and now. There’s no five-year plan, there’s no hundred-year plan, there’s no plan for the future that is nice.

Maybe one day I’ll become a linguist. But for now, an exhibition.

So please come! 8 September, 6pm, Latako St. 3, Editorial.

Agnė Jokšė

Exhibition architect: Linas Lapinskas

The exhibition will be open until 8 October, Wednesday–Friday 3–7pm / Saturday 12–4pm.

The exhibition and the Editorial programme are supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius City Municipality and the Danish Arts Foundation

Agnė Jokšė currently works between Vilnius and Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Visual Arts and a BA in Monumental Painting from the Vilnius Academy of the Arts. Using the tools typical of autoethnography, Jokšė tells stories in which the artist’s experiences and past events related to contemplations of love, intimacy and friendship intertwine with imaginative reflections on the world surrounding these events. She works with writing, video and performance, investigating questions surrounding parallel histories, compassion, entangled relations, queerness, and language.

Recent projects include presentations at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2022); Artists’ Film International, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2021); Baltic Triennial 14, Vilnius (2021); Publics, Helsinki (2021); NAC, Nida (2021); Mimosa House, London (2020); and the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (2020). The artist’s work Dear Friend was awarded the JCDecaux Emerging Artist Award in 2019.

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